Business Networking Breakfast Thursday 29 March 2012 TOPIC :” The 6 Steps to a Better Business!” SPEAKER : Themi Stergianos




Themi Stergianos has owned and operated over 8 businesses in various industries since his early twenties.  He has a good franchising background in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Real Estate franchise and has owned two Online Social Networking websites.

He is ranked 24th on the Top 100 list amongst 1000 coaches in the world and is a Top ranked South African coach who is also 2nd ranked in Europe, middle East and Africa. He has also built up a significant property investment portfolio.  Themi has been involved in the Fresh Produce industry with exposure to the Export and Import of Perishable Goods.  

He studied an Entrepreneurial MBA while running his businesses to ground practical experience. What makes Themi unique is his hands on experience in building and selling businesses.

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