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Aubrey Matshiqi’s services as a political analyst are used by private companies, fund managers, international investors, academic institutions, local and international research institutions, foreign embassies and political parties. He specialises in South African Politics with a special focus on the ANC and the Alliance, the re-alignment of opposition political politics, electoral system reform, Gender, Identity and the state of democracy in South Africa.

Before he joined the Helen Suzman Foundation as a research fellow in 2011, Matshiqi was a senior research associate at the Centre for Policy Studies.

Matshiqi is a former Mathematics, Science and English teacher and government strategist and spokesperson, and holds a degree in History and English Literature.

He is also a former member of the United Democratic Front, African National Congress and the South African Communist Party.

He writes regularly for publications in and outside South Africa. In addition, he is a regular guest on talk radio and TV News Channels both in South Africa and internationally.

He has written policy briefs, academic articles and book chapters on topics such as:
• The one party state in Africa and lessons for South Africa
• The re-alignment of opposition politics in South Africa
• The implications of the Jacob Zuma corruption trial for the South African criminal justice system.
• The African Agenda and the UN Security Council

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