Networking Business Breakfast, Friday, 20 October 2017, Speaker: Prof Haroon Bhorat, Topic: South Africa’s Economy in a Growth Trap: What can be done?

Networking Business Breakfast, Friday, 22 September 2017, Speaker: Aubrey Matshiqi, Topic: Will the ANC be in power after the 2019 elections?

Aubrey Matshiqi, Financial Mail-rated political analyst, has been a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Policy Studies where he specialized in South African Politics with a special focus on the ANC and the Alliance, the re-alignment of opposition political politics, electoral system reform and the state of democracy. He was also a research fellow at the Helen Suzman Foundation and at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies doing research on historical memory and politics in post-apartheid SA.

He is a former Mathematics, Science and English teacher and government strategist and spokesperson. He writes for Business Day, Engineering News and other publications in and outside SA. He has written book chapters, policy briefs and research papers on the following topics:

The one party state in Africa and lessons for South Africa & the re-alignment of opposition politics in South Africa

The implications of the Jacob Zuma corruption trial for the South African criminal justice system.

The performance of the public service & development at local level

His services as a political analyst are used by corporates, academic institutions, research institutions, foreign embassies, political parties and private companies.

Aubrey is currently writing a book on the ANC and his e-book, The Zuma Moment and the Road to Mangaung, is available on and on Kindle books.

Networking breakfast: Wednesday, 22 February 2017, Speaker: DAVEY DU PLESSIS, Topic: CHOOSING TO LIVE – AN AMAZON ADVENTURE









Paddling the mighty Amazon river,  cycling the continent of Africa and running 1000 km across South Africa, Davey takes us odavey-du-plessisn a wild, entertaining and engaging journey through his adventurous expeditions.

It was during the Amazon expedition,where Davey narrowly escaped his death and from this story he shares the resilience of the human spirit and the power within compassion.

A highly entertaining, thought-provoking and intriguing presentation, sure to leave you inspired to be more and give more.




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Networking breakfast: 9 December 2016: SPEAKER: Ryan Stramrood; TOPIC: Push Past Impossible

46693 PENBEV_Logo_StackedAtlantic Beach Golf Club logo



South African, Small Business Owner, Family Man and Average Joe.

However his hobby is Ultra Extreme Open Water and Ice swimming, and for deeply personal reasons, he has undertaken some of the world’s most extreme challenges. Pushing his limits and human boundaries in our planet’s most inhospitable places.

Following painful, pioneering training techniques and using what limited resources he can find to put basic safety procedures in place, he challenge himself by pushing personal limits for swimming in ice water, and often set new benchmarks for human endurance.

No wetsuits or protection from the cold water – Speedo’s only. His adventures, world first achievements and the often death-defying circumstances, make for brilliant tales of human spirit and victory.

He takes audiences on a journey with him. Through story telling and strong visuals, he illustrates just how limited and governed we all are, in every aspect of our lives, by believing in our own limitations.

How we under achieve in our comfort zones and how each and everyone of us can push past impossible.

Swimming Achievements:

62 Robben Island to Mainland crossings

Solo swim across the English Channel

First South African Male to Swim Europe to Africa – Gibraltar Strait

World First swim around the Southern most tip of South America – Cape Horn

World First Official ICE MILE swum north of the ARCTIC CIRCLE – 0C water

Historic Russia to USA relay swim

First Official ICE MILE swum in Antarctica – minus 1C water

World First Double Relay crossing of the North Channel, swimming from Ireland to Scotland and back to Ireland


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Our New Look

The SA Ubuntu Foundation unveils its new colourful logo from a MAD World


The South African Ubuntu Foundation has unveiled their new logo that reflects its 21st century vision of unity in South Africa. The Foundation appointed MadAdvertising to design the logo, after it saw a need to update its existing logo as a mark of its continued growth and evolution.

Kevin Chaplin, MD of the SA Ubuntu Foundation says: “This marks a very special and important time in the life of SA Ubuntu as we grow and evolve. The MadAdvertising brand of passion and vision is well-aligned with ours which has made for an exciting partnership. The new logo allows us to be seen as a vibrant foundation and will play a part in assisting us to achieve our goals to the future.”

The new logo was designed by MadAdvertising, a Cape Town-based through-the-line communications agency. MadAdvertising prides itself on its pursuit of excellence in creativity, a passion for its clients and the use of cutting-edge strategic and creative advertising through the integration of traditional and digital channels.

Julie Gresse, New Business Developer at MadAdvertising says: “The partnership between the SA Ubuntu Foundation and MadAdvertising is one built on good will. We believe the work that the SA Ubuntu Foundation does is critical to the fortunes of our country and we are proud to be a part of this exciting time for the foundation. We believe that this fresh and bold new look will enable the foundation’s ambitious goals for the next few years and we look forward to walking this journey with them.”

After weeks of development and exploring dozens of styles and selections, two options were presented at an Ubuntu Business Breakfast at the Southern Sun Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. Guests were greeted with a special ballot paper with the two final logo selections, marked “A” and “B” and were asked to designate their favourite to be the new Ubuntu logo. Both designs were created to communicate the spirit of Ubuntu, combining elements of unity and togetherness. In the end, the choice came down to aesthetic preference.

The new logo will now be rolled out to all of the foundation’s marketing collateral. For more information about The SA Ubuntu Foundation, visit

To find out how the MadAdvertising team can bring your brand to life, please contact


About Mad World Advertising:

A Cape Town-based through the line communications agency that prides itself on its pursuit of truly MAD excellence in creativity, a passion for its clients and is on the cutting-edge of strategic & creative advertising via integrating both traditional and digital channels.

4 Treaty Road
Cape Town, 7925
South Africa

+27 21 404 1600






About The South African Ubuntu Foundation:

Established by Managing Director Kevin Chaplin, It’s enlightening vision for the new South Africa and its regional neighbours is a world in which all people: embrace peace, one another’s equality; embody the essence and spirit of Ubuntu in their work, family, and community lives; are encouraged and inspired to use their inherent abilities to the fullest, and find their passion for, participate and contribute fully in, and benefit fairly from South Africa’s growing prosperity.

2 Dagbreek Street Sybrand Park

Cape Town 7700

South Africa




Marketing Spread:

Business Networking Breakfast: 27 May 2016: Speaker: Gary Kirsten Topic: Leadership Principles

mazars_audit hi-resTsogo Sun




As a coach and mentorGary Profile pic to some of the greatest players in the history of cricket, Gary Kirsten has needed to understand the dynamics that would see them perform consistently over a period of time and when it mattered most. Creating a winning culture and self-belief in both the Indian and South Africa teams had been his objectives.


The experience and insight gained throughout his tenure as coach of both powerful test playing nations included far more than cricket itself. It is his skill for getting the best out of his players whilst maintaining their respect both on and off the field that has made him an inspirational leader.


Since his return from India and in between his coaching obligations, Gary Kirsten has been engaging with a variety of groups in varying forums around the world. Presenting his views on “Leadership Principles” and giving insights into how Team India were able to transform into a unit and ultimately accomplish their goal of being the number 1 cricket team in the world in all forms of cricket.


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Ubuntu Symposium: Enterprise Development & Entrepreneurship



How to start a business and make it successful.  Learn from the entrepreneurs who did just that.

Brainstorming hosts:

Shafieka Ismail:  UCT Electrical Engineer Graduate owns SICEE, one of the first independent consulting engineering enterprises owned and operated by a woman in South Africa. 

Jacinta Adonis: Is a great example of someone who rose up to meet the challenges life tossed her. After getting retrenched in 2005 she maxed her credit cards to start Cape Thyme a catering business specializing in ready made meals. Six years on business is booming and the mom of three, who is expecting her fourth child in two months, .is respected for the work opportunities she creates for single homeless mothers and refugees.

Yasin Khan: As a trained pharmacist Yasin saw a gap in the market for niche health products. He followed his dream started Pumla Products and now produces an extensive range including hypoallergenic sandwich spreads to tooth ache remedies.

Lydia Zingoni: As head of the SA Teen Entrepreneur Foundation Lydia has helped at least 400 teenagers to financial success. Her academy helps youngsters transform their ideas into businesses with the help of financial assistance and mentoring programmes.

Richard Hardiman: Richard Hardiman was once a journalist and business owner, turned radio presenter. He is now a radio presenter turned radio entrepreneur as a partner in South Africa’s first commercially operating internet radio station 

Shadley Mohamed: Owner of Ansha Project Management and Business Consulting which offers HR Services, Project Management & Interim Management Services through employee engagement.

Simon Wilson: Simon Wilson is a creative junkie, with an extensive career spanning across print, media, design and his true calling – music. Most recently he has created a collaboration aimed at exposing underground musical talent through the simple philosophy of “beats and braais”.

Jacqui Simpson: Every major city has a much loved food market and Jacqui is the brains behind Cape Town’s favourite food paradise- Earth Fair. The market which runs in Tokai and St George’s Mall is packed with preservative-free, fresh produce and provides small businesses an outlet to sell their products.

Solly Moeng: There is only one name on everyone in the PR and communications circles lips- Solly Moeng. His expertise in marketing and branding coupled with his sharp social commentary have made him a legend.

Mpodumo Doubada: R200 and a great idea was all Mpodumo needed to make a big change in the lives of students in this country. His company Pimp My Book buys and sells used textbooks to cash strapped students. The business started in a dormitory room and has now grown into three branches servicing institutions like Unisa, CPUT,UCT and UWC.

Shelldon Breda: This enterprising food scientist has risked everything on an ordinary garden snail.  Shelldon is owner of the Hermanus based SA Snail Company. So far they have exported tons of live snails to Europe where over harvesting has caused a shortage.

Sedrick Gombard: The only support Sedrick had when starting his company Castors in Motion was the 18 years experience he had in the materials handling industry. Three years and a thriving business later shows that you don’t need a bank loan to make a success out of your idea. Castors in Motion produces trolley’s and gurney’s for the medical and commercial industries.


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