Business Networking Breakfast: 27 May 2016: Speaker: Gary Kirsten Topic: Leadership Principles

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As a coach and mentorGary Profile pic to some of the greatest players in the history of cricket, Gary Kirsten has needed to understand the dynamics that would see them perform consistently over a period of time and when it mattered most. Creating a winning culture and self-belief in both the Indian and South Africa teams had been his objectives.


The experience and insight gained throughout his tenure as coach of both powerful test playing nations included far more than cricket itself. It is his skill for getting the best out of his players whilst maintaining their respect both on and off the field that has made him an inspirational leader.


Since his return from India and in between his coaching obligations, Gary Kirsten has been engaging with a variety of groups in varying forums around the world. Presenting his views on “Leadership Principles” and giving insights into how Team India were able to transform into a unit and ultimately accomplish their goal of being the number 1 cricket team in the world in all forms of cricket.


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