Networking Breakfast Friday 12th May 2017 Speaker : Ian Wason CEO of the IDM Group, South Africa’s largest debt management business


TOPIC : In 2015 the World Bank found that South Africa was the most over-indebted consumer nation on earth. The situation has deteriorated even more since then. How did we get here? Ian will talk to us about the scourge of debt in South Africa, the failings of the National Credit Act, and what we, as employers have a responsibility to do for our staff and society at large.

Ian Wason is a businessman and social entrepreneur, creating several successful online financial services businesses in South Africa that educate and assist consumers with Financial Services.

After obtaining a BSc in Economics at Bristol University, Ian qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in London, working in their Financial Services division.

In 2003, Ian moved to Cape Town and spent a year working voluntarily for an NGO assisting entrepreneurs in starting up and managing their businesses.  In 2004, at the age of 26, Ian started the IDM Group, leveraging his experience in Financial Services and unique insight into the South African consumer to create South Africa’s largest Debt Management business. The IDM Group employs around 350 staff in Cape Town and Mauritius, has won multiple Debt Counselling Awards, and most importantly, has assisted over 50,000 consumers on their path to debt freedom, as well as giving free impartial advice and credit reports to over half a million South Africans. Ian is a passionate consumer activist focused on increasing the financial literacy of South Africans and has presented for numerous leading financial institutions around the world on the South African consumer.