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Durban, 10 July 2019 – Speaker Shakes Dlutu

It was an awesome and dynamic presentation . It did take us to another level  and  made us aware that there are people out there  that will appreciate what little we can offer .

Priscilla Govender, Rennies Travel


Dear Kevin and Ilchen,

I was honoured to be a speaker at the networking event again and I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions.

Kind regards, Isaac Matshego, Economist, Nedbank


“I thoroughly enjoyed the event last week (24 May 2019). I managed to interact with interesting and knowledgeable stakeholders from various fields. Isaac delivered an informative and well-researched address. His optimism on SA’s trajectory is comforting. I look forward to the next engagement.


Nhlakanipho Nzimande


A great event. Thank you very much for it. It is a great piece of work. The venue/vibe/mix of people – you nailed it.  Please let me know about all events going forward.

-Alon Lichtenstein


Thank you so much for today (9 December 2016). Both Delia and myself were honoured to be there and were inspired both by Ryan and yourself for the wonderful work you do and energy you generate.

Paul – Waterfront Theatre School


Wonderful breakfast and fundraiser event, thank you. (9 December 2016)



Dear Ilchen

Thank you for arranging such a super speaker.  The venue is the best!  I hope all the Teddies and Flower arrangements were sold.  Have a great Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you all success and happiness. Kind regards, Jenny Ravenscroft – Amy Foundation supporter, knitter

Hi Ilchen, I attended the SA Ubuntu function last week (26 August 2016) where political analyst, Aubrey Matshiqi was the guest speaker. He was one of the best speakers I have ever heard…..he was outstanding and I took so much knowledge away from what he had to say about current day South Africa and what we all need to do in order to make sure that this country remains the gem that it is. After attending many of these breakfasts throughout the past ten years he certainly motivated me to carry on with the work that Sporting Chance does.

I look forward to you keeping in contact and to listening to many more speakers in the future.

Kind regards
Brad Bing – Sporting Chance


Wooow! Today, Thursday, 17th March 2016, a very Special Friend, Bongi Isabelle Kowa, Wine Advisor in The Franschhoek Wine Cellar, took me out to attending one of the Foundation’s Monthly Inspirational Business Breakfast sessions in Protea Hotel, Cape Town.

This is a follow-up date on the 1st session we missed,in Victoria Junction’s Beluga Restaurant, in Green Point.

Our Keynote Speaker, for the day, was the forever inspirational Motivational Expert David …. a man who has physically stretched boundaries, crossing Rivers from A South Africa to Madagascar, Ran Miles, Climbed Mountains and Eventually is Touching Lives.

I owe my gratitude to Elders such as Sir Horst Boetes, whose love and passion for Isabelle brought me to meeting people of substance. I would be forever indebted to the Program Director/Convenor, Founder of Amy Biehl and The SA Ubuntu Foundation, Kevin Chaplin, who is always warmly receiving all his Guest equivocally, along side with the very moderate and kind Events Administrator Ursular.

I was thrilled to interacting with the event’s Sponsors to mension but a few the Protea Hotel Management, the China Construction Bank’s Senior Dealer Ms. Ria Mulle r, and many more Friends I have made, such as, Bronwyn Hesketh of Speakers Inc.who handles our Guest Speaker’s/David’s bookings; Ms. Nondumiso Pikashe of Ses’fikile Wines, Hussain Rahman – Fleet Sales Manager of General Motors.

On the 24th April 2016, the will be another event. And if you are a Go-Getter, and would like to expand your business horizons through establishing a comprehensive socioeconomic network that also seeks to empower the poor, the vulnerable, poor of the poorest, from the marginalized groups/communities, whilst maximazing profitable returns, earned from acquired corporate clients. The SA Ubuntu Foundation’s Business Breakfast sessions, are for you. Don’t look any further find out more for yourself!!!


Vuyisile Mmaya Aubrey Sikundla


Great people, brilliant cause. Thanks for all you do. – Kylie Roebeck



16 May 2016

Dear Kevin

Great oaks from small acorns grow. You often do not realise what impact it can have when you give strangers the opportunity to interact and network as you do at your breakfast.

At one of your breakfasts I met Clive Fox , the Indigo Man, who was publishing books of inspirational people, and I put him in touch with a woman whose book I was editing. Involved in a motor bike accident the week before her Matric dance, Morag Mackay had spent eight months in Conradie Hospital, lost an arm and had had to learn to breathe, talk, walk etc again – a beautiful and remarkably positive woman. He was amazing with her and through him her book has come out  and I am now editing the sequel. He was inspirational in her life.

In the new book she thanks him for what his support had meant to her.

But I was not the only one who helped make the book happen.  Sometimes someone comes in your life who sees your success before you do, who believes you are a kindred spirit in the most special sense. For me that person was Clive Harvey Fox.  He gave speeches……he inspired………he mentored. Meeting him and working with him was all part of a bigger plan. He called himself The Indigo-Man. He was an inspirational and motivational author and speaker, unbelievably good at encouraging people to find the hidden gifts in adversity, especially HIV sufferers. He was a great believer that huge rewards exist in adversity. That difficulty makes you grow. He taught people that without purpose, life is meaningless and happiness is hard to define.”’

Later she wrote, as her mother was dying, ”’I firmly believe that we are never given more than we can handle, Clive Harvey Fox posts a Face Book entry that encourages me. “What we see as darkness and challenge, is a sacred doorway to the light and an opportunity to become MORE. We need to re-model our thinking to really grasp opportunity that always knocks.”

Some chapters later Morag writes: “’Sadly Clive Harvey Fox passed away this month, just three months before my book was launched. For a long period he successfully survived illness all the while encouraging me to continue writing.  Clive was an inspirational human being and will be remembered with fond memories. Keep blessing my profound journey through life and bless you Clive Harvey Fox for coming into my life and inspiring the plan that did in so many ways bring hope to crushed souls.””

So had it not been for your breakfast, these connections would not have been possible and her book would not have seen the light of day.

AUTHOR OF THE MONTH! Morag Wade Mackay with FACES


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Apr 2, 2014 – You are what you think you are…… Think more of yourself and there is MORE!



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Mar 19, 2014 – This is a story of personal triumph, a story about overcoming extreme adversity, about being on a mission to success so strong that every

Gwynne Schrire



16 October 2015:

Felicia Mabuza-Suttle:  https://www.facebook.com/103799686422050/photos/pcb.702620533206626/702617133206966/?type=3&theaterThank you very much Ilchen, we had a great inspiring morning. – Barbara Miller

Well done ladies on a super douper breakfast meeting yesterday. I think one of the best from food, service and speaker, such a wow, congratulations. – Lorraine Hirsch

Thank you again for your marvelous organization last week! We have really enjoyed it and came home enriched. Hereby the acronym for Ubuntu on this occasion. – Universal Behaviour Uniteds Nations Truely Unlimited. – Liesbeth van Dijk

“”I have been a frequent business network attendee in Cape Town over the past year or so. But never before have I enjoyed and felt more inspired than at the Ubuntu breakfast. What a most fantastic event! The energy, hope and positive vibes that engulfed the breakfast was absolutely contagious. It was an honour to attend and I walked away getting a lot more than I could have imagined beforehand. Thank you for the invite and the positive contribution you make with the Ubuntu breakfast and the Amy Biehl foundation.” -Jurgens

“Thanks for this, I am a member of the Institute of Directors (IOD) and sit on the Western Cape (WC) committee. Albie Sachs at one talk he gave to the IOD stressed the importance institutions can and MUST play in ensuring accountability. Our WC committee has taken a lead to develop a few limited position papers on issues facing South Africa. Corruption is one such issue. We are planning to involve all of IOD, which has over 4,000 members. In short we have approached Paul and he has agreed to address us. So thanks again for opening up the door.If this thing is not contained, South Africa can kiss goodbye to its potential.” – Roger

Wow! What a Friday morning.  It was really such a positive experience and Achmat is indeed an inspiration to us all.  I loved his honesty and sincerity.  It is just once again a reminder that we all have the potential to live a life of excellence, but it invariably remains a choice. – Marda Hull

Thank u very much Kevin, it was such a motivating and stimulating presentation by Peter. Thanx Funeka

Thanks again for the invite to today’s breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast, the guest speaker Peter van Kets (what an amazing guy!) and the networking opportunities. I will be sure to do my best to attend every month from now on. – Henry


Thank you, I enjoyed the speaker and event. A Phenomenal attendance from across a number of industries – remarkable. “Alfonso Abrahams Nebank

Tha  nk you for the invitation – it was very life-affirming to be with your “tribe”—if you keep generating that energy, you’ll put Eskom out of business!-Look forward to our next meeting —Alayne Reesberg Chief Executive Officer  – May’s SAUF Speaker


I just wanted to thank you for inviting Ona and I to the breakfast this morning. – Ona and Mariette of Mercedes-Benz- SAUF 15 Nov

Thanks for an excellent BF and talk this am. Loved it… – Tony Romer-Lee SAUF 15 Nov

It was a great keynote and he was an inspiration, thank you so much for the invitation. – Theo Cromhout SAUF 15 Nov
Good afternoon Kevin

I would like to comment on the Ubuntu network breakfast that I attended on Friday 5 June.

 I have been a frequent business network attendee in Cape Town over the past year or so. But never before have I enjoyed and felt more inspired than at the Ubuntu breakfast. What a most fantastic event! The energy, hope and positive vibes that engulfed the breakfast was absolutely contagious. It was an honour to attend and I walked away getting a lot more than I could have imagined beforehand.  Thank you for the invite and the positive contribution you make with the Ubuntu breakfast and the Amy Biehl foundation.

 Will be in touch and hope to form a closer association with the Amy Biehl foundation on a personal as well as business level.

 Kind regards,