How the year is flying, before we know it everyone will be winding down for their end of year vacations. We will be celebrating Heritage day in September so remember to appreciate other culture’s and religion’s. We live in such a wonderful country, a rich mix of cultures, language and background. Let’s all appreciate and respect each other and where we come from. There is too much intolerance in the world, the war’s that are happening are unacceptable. We need a more tolerant and respectful society.  South Africa can be the example to the whole world.

 Take time to stop and think each day how we can be better at whatever it is we do. Everyone can be a role model to someone in some way so please practice Ubuntu. How can you make a difference in someone’s life each and every day – take an interest in others welfare, care about others, not just yourself. In business don’t be greedy with your product or service mark-ups.

 I love learning and speaking Xhosa, it is a very expressive language. It’s such fun to say “ Ndiyakukumbula kakulu”  and “Ndiyakhuthanda”  and “Siyaqonda” and so I can go on. It’s also lovely to hear “Wiet djy!”  And “Shabat Shalom”  and  “Salaam Malaikum” . Have you started learning a new language? Try, it’s well worth it. Just learn one sentence a week and practice, practice, practice.

 All  South Africans need to ensure we address corruption, mediocrity, little value for human life and especially the abuse of woman and children. We each need to take a stand and not the attitude “ Oh I am only one person” –  No! each person can contribute to change. These cowardly acts must be addressed as priority. We need to teach our boys how to treat girls. Men need to start being men and teach the boys  they cannot demand and must respect woman and also accept that “No” is “No!”. God made each man and woman differently for a reason and together we can do so much more. Girls need to respect their own bodies and  believe in themselves – say no to sex – teen pregnancy is at unacceptable levels.

 It is 21 years since Amy died, let’s honor her legacy. The Amy Biehl Foundation continues to change over 2000 children’s lives every day but needs the support of more donors to continue and grow their much needed work with the youth from townships.. Don’t forget to buy their wine and bread and sign up for a monthly debit order. Go and visit their programmes, you will be so inspired.

 Parents! spend more time with your children. Sitting watching TV is not quality time and you are not communicating or engaging with your children. Statistics show parents are spending less than 10 % of their time communicating with their children. Sit and talk over meals.  Parents must ensure they make their marriage work, even if they do it for their children’s sake. Let’s build the self esteem of our children.

 The last few months we have had some amazing speakers at the monthly Ubuntu business breakfasts – Sibongile Sambo, Rapelang Rabane Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, – all such an inspiration of what is possible when you are courageous and determined, when you see education as top priority and believe in yourselves. Let’s all learn from others like them. We have produced

some amazing leaders and business men and woman. Gone are the days when you join a corporate and spend the rest of  your life there. So lets’s keep building  a culture of entrepreneurship. The level of unemployment is far too high and we can all mentor and grow future business leaders.

 Good luck to all of you in the last part of 2014 as you go out there and make a difference in other’s lives.  As Archbishop Desmond Tutu says “ God cannot wipe away a tear, place a hand of reassurance on someone’s shoulder but through you and you and you he can. We are God’s hands and feet on earth”